The Inevitable Dissection of Met Gala Outfits

While we rested our tired heads here in England, the worlds biggest stars, from designers, and models to actors and socialites, gathered in New York, all dressed up for the years most important event.

The Met Gala is hosted every year as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, and is also a celebration of their annual fashion exhibition, which usually determines the dress code for The Ball. These events are historically all about the women showing off beautiful creations, while the men take the back seat, and act more like silent backdrops, careful not to grab the attention from their better other halves. This year however, as a nod to the fashion exhibition “Charles James: Beyond Fashion”, the mens dress code was strictly full evening dress and decorations.

For those of you who don’t go to balls on a regular basis (Peasants!) that means white tie. And for those of you who don’t know what white tie means (Seriously what do you do with your time?), it’s basically white waistcoat and bow tie under one of those penguin coats. You’re welcome.

Ok, I digress, my point being, we saw some pretty good lookin’ men on the red carpet, and not to mention some seriously hot couples! So without further yakking, I’ve picked a few ladies who, in my opinion deserved all the attention they stole from the men. I’ve also picked a few couples because god dammit they’re so good looking it’s just not fair!

Nicole Richie Met Gala

Nicole Richie in this silver Donna Karan Atelier creation, with the purple do, the simple silver jewellery and grey nails. I’m just so jealous, I could cry. It’s perfect.

Dree Hemmingway Met Gala

Dree Hemmingway looks absolutely stunning, and timeless, in this sunshine yellow number. A classic!

Kendall Jenner Topshop Met Gala

Ok, so I’m not a big fan of reality stars, but this Topshop (what!?) dress on Kendall Jenner just looks really good. I wish it wasn’t true, but hey, the proof is right there. As a small comfort, her hair is terrible.

Solange Knowles Met gala

Solange looks like a modern day flapper right here. The hair, the dress, The Look! Sexy yet careless.

Leighton Meester Met Gala

I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me but Leighton Meester looks dead sexy in this lose fitted dress. The slouchy fit, deep v-neck and high split are perfectly balanced, and topped off beautifully with her casual curls.

Emma Stone Met Gala

My personal favourite, who also happen to be my current obsession/girl crush, Emma Stone in Thakoon. The look is perfectly summery yet elegant, and the metallic accessories and make-up gives it a sexier edge. The summer vibe is completed by the beautiful lose side braid.

Mary-Kate Olsen Ashley Olsens Met Gala

I’m not sure if these ladies go as a couple or not, but can we please just appreciate for a moment how really freaking classy they are? Honestly, how many people can pull off dresses like that without looking like their positively ancient? I think probably two. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are truly becoming legendary for their impeccable style and I’m sure it will be spoken of many years after they’re gone. Excuse me while I get the tissues, I got something in my eye.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Met Gala

Ok, so Johnny Depp and Amber Heard being together still makes me feel a little uncomfortable (I’m sorry, I just don’t understand. I need closure!) but they dress seriously well. Amber in her dusty gold gown, make-up in muted colours, and slightly messy hair, and Depp with his pocket chain and cane. They look like they’ve stepped out of a different time all together, and they look, just, perfect. I can’t put it into words.

ASAP Rocky Chanel Iman Met Gala

ASAP Rocky and Chanel Iman, possibly the hottest couple alive right now, and (dare I say?) who I predict will take the throne after Beyonce and Jay Z have finished their reign. In risk of being slaughtered, I actually prefer them. There, I said it! P.S. this stunning dress is also Topshop. What is going on?


I think Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds look super great, they’re classic Hollywood Royalty, except for one tiny little thing, that I try to look away from, but it just keeps. pulling me. back. in. That thing on Blake’s head. That hair roll. What. the. Make it stop.

Neil Patrick Harris Met gala

I can’t. It’s just too much lovely in one picture. Neil Patrick Harris is the ultimate babe.


No comment, they rule the world.



Kensington Gardens: Passing Time In Kate And Wills Garden

Both Marie and I are suckers for anything beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Personally, my biggest weakness is architecture – landscape architecture in particular. To be honest, 70% of the time I wonder what the heck I’m doing studying journalism when a well designed garden is, to me, the reason to live. Nothing makes me more happy and calm than stunning surroundings consisting of colour popping flowers, green bushes trimmed to perfection and a water fountain. Always include a fountain.

So the other day when the weather was on our side I asked Marie if she knew of a park that pretty much matched the above, and she did. It was none other than the garden belonging to the Kensington Palace, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


As the sun was out I decided it was once again time for me to blind everyone with my whiteness. Looking at me in the sun is like looking at snow at the mountain when the sun’s out – you need to wear sunglasses. Otherwise you will become snow blind having to spend all day in a dark room (as a Norwegian I can assure you this is a real thing. I’ve been there). So, prepared as we were, we found the perfect place to spread out our blanket brought from home.


While Marie was being all creative and crafty and shit, I basically just sat and looked around which was quite nice, really.


I am, however, a bit disappointed in Kate and William. They could have provided me with free Wi-Fi.

The sun’s out today AGAIN and we’re both a bit exhausted from feeling like we have to leave the flat because the weather’s so lovely. But then again if half on London spend their Sunday running the London marathon we’ll probably be able to drag ourselves outside.


Scream Editions Pop Up!

I’m a sucker for artsy stuff, escpecially artsy stuff that I actually get (cause lets be honest – I just want something pretty, or something really really funny, to look at). While roaming the streets of London not too long ago, Ingelin and I stumbled upon a little pop up gallery, just off Carnaby street, and it was love at first sight!

hollyannebuck_flowersthatwander_1200px_1_ jealous_inc_you_ll_do menna_jenkins_you_is_well_fit_ burger


The gallery is called Scream Editions, and is normally an online gallery and publisher. They feature loads of artists, both up and coming and established, who work in print. They’re also the reason I’m now  head over heels in love with Magda Archer’s work!

magda_archer_please_go_away magda_archer_you_re_not_my_friend_1 my_baby_doesnt_look_like_me my_life_is_crap shut_up_for_a_bit youre_not_coming_to_my_house

My personal favourite!

If you hurry down to Carnaby Street before April 25th, you get to see the prints in person, which is really way more impressive! Of course, you can also go to their home!

Marie xx


Spider Lashes

I’ve always been keen on having my lashes look as natural as possible. Non-sticky, full and long. But lately I’ve been really inspired by The Craft by Lou Teasdale to go a bit more edgy, and one way to make your mascara cooler is spider lashes. Yes, you’re right. We’re talking the way it looks when you’ve got about 10 coats of mascara on. You can go small or proper tarantula legs, just layer and clump it – no false lashes needed!

article-2589806-1C94CDF800000578-319_634x616gucci_grande1                           021413-ginnifer-goodwin-340     1                     2


1. Apply a thick coat of mascara to your lashes.
2. Apply another thick coat of mascara to your lashes.
3. Apply another thick coat of mascara to your lashes.
4. Apply another thick coat of mascara to your lashes.
5. Apply another thick coat of mascara to your lashes.
6. Apply another thick coat of mascara to your lashes.
7. Apply another thick coat of mascara to your lashes.
8. Apply another thick coat of mascara to your lashes.
9. Apply another thick coat of mascara to your lashes.
10. Use the tip of the mascara brush and really dab the mascara on your lashes to get the triangle-type spider leg shape.


Today’s bottom spider lashes. It doesn’t have to look too crazy!

Ingelin Marie xx


The Prosecco Was Sparkling, So Was The Sun

There’s something about sunny and warm days in London that automatically draws me towards Hampstead Heath – and of course it’s always when I really should work on the final assessments at uni. Sadly (or not…), I’m non negotiable and the student side of me always lose which I don’t mind one bit to be honest. So on days like yesterday, when I’d been sitting outside at Starbucks in Camden with Marie feeling the warmth of the sun for a while it was settled. I was all “fuck this. I don’t care if it’s 4pm already. Let’s go to Hampstead Heath, buy Prosecco, bring a blanket and enjoy life when there for once is a reason for it”. And so we did.


And it was pretty frickin sweet. Our lovely flatmate Emilie came along with cups, a blanket, her amazing self and other essentials, and it all turned into the dream. I didn’t even care about the six boys running around with sticks making all sorts of weird noises, and if that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what does. But if they were to come too close I might have involuntarily hurt them.

My blue-ish skimmed milk skin sure needed some sun. Probably made everyone else there blind by the sun radiating from my face, though.

Me, Emilie and Marie enjoying the first afternoon at Hampstead Heath so far this year. May all future days be like this one.

Days like this make me not want to go home to Norway for summer at all. But then again my bank account is getting drained as I type concluding in no Prosecco bottles so why stay.

Ingelin Marie xx



Must Have: Camellia Oil – the Ultimate Healing Oil

An ancient Japanese beauty trick and a beauty secret of the geishas. Camellia oil comes from the wild-growing Camellia plant and is the ultimate oil for pretty much any skin condition. It moisturizes, softens wrinkles, improves complexion, heals scars, and protects your skin from harsh external elements like UV rays. Camellia Oil is highly penetrating and a natural anti-oxidant containing vitamins, A,B,C,E, K & P with minerals, P, Za, Ca, Fe, Mn, and Mg. This makes it the perfect nutritive addition to face creams, anti-wrinkle serums (it’s a natural sun protection!), anti-aging formulations, lip care products and other cosmeceutical formulations.

To me, Camellia oil has been the go-to when it comes to blemishes and scars – it works wonders! I see a difference just putting it on blemishes overnight. I also find it to work much  better on the skin as it penetrates like no other oil – jojoba included. It’s basically just an all-round year beauty must have!

Some facts:
Japanese Camellia oil is an effective emollient (things which soften skin and hair) and approximately 82% of its fatty acids are composed of Oleic fatty acid (Omega-9).

Studies have proven that Oleic acids is an excellent emollient, and a remarkable natural agent for the retention and enhancement of skin moisture. It has unparalleled penetration power, permeating deep into the lower layers of skin and greatly enhancing cell growth to give skin support and flexibility. Also, Oleic acid is a transdermal carrier of cell rebuilding nutrients and bioactive compounds (collagen and elastin) into the skin to repair the damage caused by dryness, sun exposure and other factors.

What are you waiting for?

This super handy White Camellia Oil roll-on stick is my addiction. Get it on iHerb for £8.52 here. It will last you forever. I’ve had mine for two years and I’ve barely used 3-4mm of the bottle.

organic-camellia-balm_original_resize organic-camellia-balm_rose_resize
Julie Hewett is one of my favourite makeup brands as I’ve written about previously. This is a lot because she uses Camellia oil in a lot of her products such as the cheekies, shimmies and lipsticks – and she also has these handy pots of camellia balm in natural and sheer pink to use on lips, eyes, face and hands!

Ingelin Marie xx


Eskay W London

It’s been such a busy, but ridiculously fun, week! We’ve attended Bloggers Fashion Week in London and become familiar with some amazing brands, one of which we’re about to tell you all about. It was basically love at first sight. The beauty, quality, details (and to be honest the perfection) was almost too much to handle. And also the designer SK Wong is probably the loveliest person you’ll ever meet.

Eskay W was formed only last year (2013) and is full of promise. The pieces are timeless classics with a modern twist made in luxurious feeling fabrics, which could just bring tears to our eyes. As if that’s not enough, the true reason we fell in love with Eskay W is the versatility of the pieces. Every piece can easily transition from work to play, and day to night. This is what defines Eskay W; pieces for ‘every woman’ that still brings ‘a touch of couture magic to every day lives’ and the best part; you don’t have to spend a five-figured amount.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 14.12.58

So let’s get down to it. Eskay W produces two ready to wear collection each year – and we’ve has a look at both! The S/S 14 collection, VERSO, is a piece of art as it is reversible and effortlessly transforms from a day to evening look.

‘VERSO is a range that has to be worn to be understood; the way it moves, the way the colour flashes marry with the luxury fabrics and of course, its incredible versatility’

The collection combines high, contemporary and vintage fashion at highstreet prices and is pretty much the end of fashion as we know it. Key words: capris, blazers, tweeds, 3D pleats, playful patterns and bow ties.. Enough with the teasing. Here are our favourites from the VERSO collection:

‘Reverse VERSO to fall in love with a new approach to fashion… inside and out’


I have a massive issue with this cocktail dress – the issue being I don’t own it.


This Italian tweed is softer than feathers – I know you want to touch it; go ahead!



I genuinely think this pleated tweed midi skirt is the answer to all of my problems. The pleats are too perfect.

We also kind of fell in love with this quirky little bow tie. We want to get some for future boyfriends so they can match our dresses. Yes, we are that cheesy.

The A/W 14 collection is also a pleasure to the eye with its dark and rich colours. Minimalistic and monochrome pieces inspired by the sultry glamour and feminine sensibility of the 50s woman with diamond shapes, pleats, twists, toiling and draping details making the garments look alive and moving.


The fabrics varies from fine knit, quality cotton and tencel all tailored, layered and draped to create texture, shape and sculpting – both visible and hidden.

‘It is very much about what is concealed as well as what is on show – women are meant to be creatures of mystery after all…’



This top has the most beautiful lining, but no picture did it justice, so you’ll just have to go and see for yourselves when the collection is out!

The pieces can be combined up, down, sideways and diagonally – your imagination is really the limit here. SK Wong is a master of pattern making, and every piece is perfectly cut to fit any woman’s body. The collection is also full of intricate details which will keep you looking at it forever, as there’s always something you haven’t noticed before.

We both fell completely and utterly in love with the A/W 14 black coat. It’s the answer to it all – like, the answer. So we just had to try it on – and it was so beautiful and so, so comfortable!

Can’t wait until November (when ‘Darker Hues’ will be available in store!). I just need to do some money saving during the summer and then this baby will be mine.

Thank you so much to SK Wong for having us, being such a lovely host, and for creating such beautiful clothing! (We can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for S/S 15. He gave us a few hints – and it’s safe to say we’re very excited)

You can get your hands on his S/S 14 collection now, at Wolf and Badger.


Itsy Bitsy

Last week London gave us a little peek of summer, and even though this week has brought hail, rain and cold winds, I got just enough sunshine to get me into summer mode. Ingelin and I are both massive fools for underwear – we can spend hours just window shopping for beautiful lingerie – so when summer comes around, we’re pretty excited that the usually private clothing is turned into statement pieces for everyone to see! In this day and age you can find swimwear to match pretty much any shape, form and (most importantly) personality. The hunt for the perfect bikini can go on for months! Lucky for you, we’ve already done a lot of the dirty work, and picked out some of the best this season has to offer!

306_blk_front_small 308_blk_side2_small

For those days where you feel strong, sexy, confident – you know, channeling your inner Beyoncé, Minimale Animale has you covered (well… barely). They’re the masters of itsy bitsy swimwear that push the limits (and hemlines) of sexy and stays perfectly on trend. To me, Minimale is the Queen of swimwear, everyone else can just try to make something as perfectly designed, cut and executed – good luck!

315_black_front_small 408-wd-6301m-ob-16


Let’s face it though – no one feels like Beyoncé everyday… except maybe Beyoncé… Anyway – some days you want to cover up, but your style shouldn’t suffer! Three pieces for staying sexy from Minimale Animale, one piece for having fun in the sun from Beach Riot, and a classic from Lisa Marie Fernandez; Perfectly cut, and you can decide how sexy you’re feeling – we love it!

4492_1_add 4884_1_add lisa

For those of you who hate bikini shopping, and dread having to do it every year – go for an investment piece – they do actually exist in swimwear as well. Lisa Marie Fernandez would be my personal choice. She has a great eye for cut and detail, and you can get classic and versatile pieces (see swimsuit above) in a range of variations, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your taste, body, and use, perfectly.



Beachriot IMG_1661_1024x1024

hmprod (1) hmprod

V381707 V386348 V389349 V394121

If you want to stay on trend, but don’t want to spend a small fortune on tiny pieces of fabric (we totally see where you’re coming from…), we’ve picked out some great pieces for you. Crisp white from Nasty Gal, sexy mesh and fun prints from Beach Riot, and last, but certainly not least strappy goodness from H&M and Victoria’s Secret!

Also, a little friendly reminder on how to get a bikini body for summer:

1. Get a bikini

2. Put it on your body

Boom. Done. 

Marie xx


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H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection 2014




This is a brand both Marie and I love very, very much. I think I first came over Monki in Oslo, Norway back in 2008 and I instantly fell in love with this dreamy, easy, slightly funky and minimalistic Swedish brand. Monki is based on a make-believe universe, where Monkis (small fuzzy creatures) live in this alternative universe, and has gone back to the ‘old’ world and created portals into Monki World through their stores.

“We go with the trends but we combine that with our own kind of style. From the beginning, it has been a combination of the more simple minimalistic Scandinavian fashion sense and a more expressive street style.” - CEO Henrik Aaen Kastberg

So. The best about spring is all the spring/summer collections. They bring colour and happiness back into the stores and if you ask me it’s just as satisfactory every year – the Monki collection in particular.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 02.23.22

This year Monki have chosen Chloe Norgaard to model their Spring/Summer 2014 collection: the girl with the most amazing hair (I’m in love). This spring’s collection is full of cool prints, colours, cropped pieces and cool sunglasses. It just genuinely makes me happy instantly. Go to their website to check out the whole collection and get your spring essentials!

monki5Skann 6monki3monki6monki7

So many wants! It’s ridiculously painful being skint right now. There’s so many items I just don’t think I can live happily without, to be honest. Anyone else?

Ingelin Marie xx


How to: Natural Makeup with Everyday Minerals

To me, makeup has always been about looking as natural as possible (and rather make it more exciting by, you know, colouring my dip dye pink). I’ve always tried to draw attention to good features, but it has never been about hiding what I really look like. My biggest fear is that people will be shocked when seeing me without makeup – how horrible is that? Some people seem to use makeup as a tool to entirely change their looks by over-doing contouring, alienate their eyebrows, use way too much highlighting powder, sun powder and blush. In my opinion it just looks strange. One should rather aim for that natural fresh face – and please remember that ‘glow’ is about so much more than being tan.


Now that spring is right around the corner it’s time to tone down the makeup and go for a more summery look. It’s not easy to achieve the perfect natural look and it takes practice. Don’t think the models walking down the Chloé and Isabel Marant catwalk don’t wear any makeup (even though it might look like it) – no one wake up like that in the morning (except maybe Beyoncé), but with a good base you only need a slight touch of mascara and lip balm to look naturally beautiful and fresh.

The most important thing is to find a good natural-looking base. Personally I recommend using Everyday Minerals powder as it blends well into the skin, is as natural as it gets and works for every skin tone and skin type (making it the only brand that have a fair enough colour to match my skimmed milk blue-ish english rose skin). I first started using EM back in 2008 and Everyday Minerals together with Julie Hewett: Hue Cosmetics are the only brands I’ve used ever since. I’ve found that mineral powder foundations like Bare Minerals and Glo Minerals turn yellow-ish during the day, something I’ve never experienced with Everyday Minerals. EM is 100% natural, organic, paraben free and is suitable for vegans – and it’s ridiculously affordable. It’s also incredibly kind to sensitive skin! Everyday Minerals are never tested on animals and is PETA and BUAV approved. EM have a wide range of products – from bases (different bases for different skin types – gotta love it) to blushes, brushes, eyeshadows, finishing powders, brow powders, concealers and lip balms – everything.

First, make sure you’ve cleansed, toned and moisturized your skin!

So, here’s how to get the perfect natural look:

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.31.56
I always start off with concealing around the eyes, nose as well as other problem areas. Whether you prefer sticks or powder concealer, EM has one to fit. Basically there’s a mineral concealer to match all the base colours. Personally I love the loose mineral concealer powders and the Multi-Tasking Concealer. If you have any red spots or blemishes, EM even have a Mint Colour Corrector to neutralize red blemishes! And, yes, it really does work as I’ve tried it, but I’m yet to own one myself (it has to happen, though).

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.36.07

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.18.56
Choosing the right base for you skin tone and skin type is essential. EM has the widest range of colours I’ve ever found in a brand, and there is definitely one for everyone whether your have a cold, warm, olive, yellow or neutral under tone. Search a bit around the website, read about the different shades and order a 7 Piece Custom Sample Kit to find one to match your skin tone perfectly! Make sure you don’t apply too much (cakey is never a good look), but make it an even base. There are four different bases: jojoba, semi-matte, matte and It base.

Jojoba: a blend with jojoba esters which creates a built-in primer and a creamy texture leaving a flawless complexion for normal to dry skin types.

Semi-matte: Provides radiant and a natural luminosity, creating a soft natural finish. Works of all skin types.

Matte: Leaves a matte finish and is long-lasting. Great for combination/oily skin.

It base: A lightweight base that creates a natural complexion for all skin types.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.38.34

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.30.12
After I’ve applied concealer and base, I like to set the makeup before applying blush, bronzer, highlights and what not. If you, like me, struggle a bit with shiny skin later on during the day – this is perfect. Forget the constant touching up, with a finishing powder your makeup is set for the day. The finishing powders are translucent so they work for all skin tones! The Pearl Beige Lucent Powder is the perfect subtle shimmery powder to add that glow to your cheeks. I actually can’t find it on the EM website (but at online retailers like Ecco Verde and Love Makeup) so maybe it’s discontinued (which would bring me plain and utter sorrow to be honest), but Sheri’s Radiant Creation is a good alternative.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.45.13

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.58.15
Because I have such a fair complexion, I’ve always had to be careful with using bronzers and during the winter I really don’t use any. But during the spring, summer and autumn I love to add a bit extra of that healthy-looking natural glow by using the Soft Bronzer to give that sun-kissed look. If you have a darker skin tone the Happiness Bronzer provides a beautiful deep sun-kissed look. Remember to apply bronzer where the sun naturally hits your face – forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. And please go easy on it, don’t over-do it.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 21.00.50


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.48.53
Finding a subtle blush to compliment your skin tone is very important to achieve a natural look. Apply colour with two finger’s with away from the nose and just below you cheekbone. I think Snuggle and Nick Nack are the perfect neutral shades and would work so well to achieve a natural look. Everyday Minerals have colours inspired by flower bouquets and ripe fruits offering a rage from neutrals to coral and berry shades with either a matte or sheen finish. If you have a warm complexion, go for something like All Smiles: a peachie/coral colour. As I have a cold complexion I’m addicted to Wild Wines: a berry/lilac shade. You can also go for the classic romantic rose blush (perfect for spring!).

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.52.21 Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.52.32 Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.52.50


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 21.04.05
Now all you need to finish of the look is a Tinted Lip Butter in a springy fresh colour. The lip butters consists of plant oils and butters to give that perfect natural lip.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 21.05.33

This is my go-to makeup regime every day and after switching to EM I experience a massive change in my skin and it became much more balanced and clearer. You really should put that Lancôme, Dior or Chanel liquid foundation away and give this brand a shot – you’ll be amazed of the coverage and quality and not least how natural your makeup looks!

What I swear to on a daily basis:

Check out Everyday Minerals website here. If you’re in the UK like us, Cocktail Cosmetics is my go-to online retailer. You can also find EM at Love Makeup, Ecco Verde and Nelly but they’re all a bit pricier.

Ingelin Marie xx

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